About David Johanns



Why do people consider purchasing or selling a home? There is always a reason. Usually a life changing event, a new chapter in their life or the ending of a previous one.

Your home is a place of warm moments, fond memories, supportive comfort and of course protection. That is why we focus on your specific needs during the process.

I play the piano. when I’m playing I connect with people in the audience. The connection is similar to buying or selling a home. As a realtor I connect people, facilitate opportunities, find solutions, and help keep everything on a smooth road. You are not just working with me, you are working with my experienced team of agents, tradespeople, movers, and shakers.

My job is not to just sell or find you a home, it is to provide a transition as effortless as possible. It is not so much about the actual transaction as it is about what you want in life and how you wish to live.

We understand that money is important so you will be comforted to know that our company sells more volume, closes more deals, and receives more listings than other companies.

The most important thing to know is that you will be in good hands, with Johanns.